Beth Mason trial against MSV set to conclude next week in Jersey City

In another legal saga approaching two years this September, criminal charges by Beth Mason against this MSV editor are set to conclude at trial next Thursday.

The trial completion set for June 9th in Jersey City Municipal Court stem from subpoena service in the notorious SLAPP-suit Bajardi v Pincus.

As in that widely reported First Amendment case, MSV in the end became a front and center issue. Although this website had never seen a single allegation of any kind in that civil case, articles here have been added into the criminal case.

One article entered into the case at trial on February 5th references the abuse of the courts, both civil and criminal for political objective. That article, “The threat to Reform: the Courts as a tool for political intimidation” was published on MSV in late November 2014 not long after Beth Mason filed criminal charges.


Councilwoman Beth Mason’s hunt for a MSV criminal conviction

Beth Mason in the Hoboken City Council
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