Beth Mason to hold park meeting in 5th ward senior center

As MSV noted previously, 2nd ward Councilwoman Beth Mason’s two pronged plan to keep her options open for a third run for mayor or a NJ Assembly seat moves forward with a community meeting at Fox Hills in Peter Cunningham’s 5th ward on the City’s parks including Legion Park.

A fifth ward resident received this Beth Mason flier:

Legion Park as the City notes in a release earlier (see below) is on schedule for re-opening this week joining Jefferson Street Park re-opening today.  Last week the Jackson Street Park reopened and the City’s efforts are all part of Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s plan announced at the State of the City address in January to make 2012 “Year of Parks.”

From the Mayor’s January State of the City address:

“I believe in Hoboken, 2012 will be known as the Year of Parks. We will be opening a new park in North Hoboken, currently known as 1600 Park and Hoboken Cove. The plans are being finalized now, and this long awaited park will be a fantastic addition to our community.

We finally have the approvals we need, and Frank Sinatra Park and Castle Point will be reopened in 2012. We will be bidding out Frank Sinatra Cafe to transform it and make it a go-to destination for our residents and visitors.

We have a contractor in place to upgrade the playgrounds at Jackson Street Park, Jefferson Park, and Legion Park on Willow Avenue. At Stevens Park, we’re looking to resurface the little league field, upgrade the playground, and install an indoor batting cage. Church Square Park, Mamma Johnson Field, and all our dog runs will all be upgraded this year.”

Talking Ed Note: We’re not sure what if any role Beth Mason had in Legion Park’s upgrades but since 2007 she’s had every opportunity to do something other than just discovering the mayor’s citywide efforts on parks.

As the City is on track to reopen Legion Park later this week with its upgrades, will Councilwoman Beth Mason complain there was no public meeting before the implementation?

At a recent City Council meeting Mason did exactly that before it was explained to her by Director Brandy Forbes upgrades with similar equipment maintaining a park’s existing size and replacing old equipment do not require a public meeting beforehand.

Tim Occhipinti’s latest “Intregrity theft.”  Apparently Mama Occhipinti did not succeed imparting to Tim on such.  Stealing votes to stealing elections to now stealing credit, not a big leap for Tim.

The City has conducted public meetings on more potential projects than its predecessors from the changes in the Viaduct at 14th street, to NJ Transit, to a Western Edge proposal and of course parks.

Is MORTe looking to hijack the credit for the work of others on parks?  Well if Tim Occhipinti’s Facebook offers any clue, he’s again taking credit for the Administration’s work:

“The Jefferson Street park next to the Boys & Girls Club opens today!
It looks terrific, great job everyone. Delivering on another campaign
promise – both 4th Ward pocket parks upgraded!”

Paging Director Leo Pellegrini, Paging Director Pellegrini.  We need to report a theft.  You’ve been robbed!

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