Beth Mason to Hoboken: ‘I hate you!’

Dear Friend,

We did it!  Together as a community we stopped City Hall from firing 18 patrolmen. There is one reason why these layoffs were canceled; City Hall heard your voice and City Hall backed down.   This is not only a great day for the 2nd Ward, but a great day for all of Hoboken. 
This layoff plan was unnecessary from the beginning. Yesterday, City Hall finally did what we asked them to do from the start. Instead of taking 18 patrolmen off of our streets in one fell swoop, the size of the police department will by reduced through attrition. 
By ignoring your plan the Mayor and her allies on City Council needlessly caused several months of fear mongering and panic among residents. Now is a time when our leaders should be working to unite this community, not working to divide it for political gain. 
There are several important issues that need immediate attention. The financial state of Hoboken University Medical Center, the ongoing litigation over the Hoboken Public Works Garage and using the $20 million budget surplus to cut taxes are what should be the focus of the Mayor and her allies on the City Council. 
The credit for saving these jobs, protecting property values and making Hoboken an even safer place to live and raise a family belongs to you. Thank you for standing up for Hoboken.
As always please do not hesitate to contact me at (201)-916-8244 or I look forward to seeing you soon

Beth Mason is nothing more than a blur these days to anyone who remembers her as a reformer. 

Talking Ed Note: There’s been a lot of reaction to this email blast (even before MSV posted it) and one must admit it certainly raises lots of emotions but none of them can be described as positive.  It’s difficult to objectively say much of anything on someone who frankly despises the community she was elected to serve.  
Related: MSV thought it gave this the right amount of attention, about two sentences.  But then we just read Grafix Avenger’s take and well, besides being side splitting funny, it’s absolutely required reading.  MSV is not responsible for any damages, computer, monitor or other if you should happen to be drinking any liquid when reading the following link:

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