Beth Mason still collecting petitions on Washington St. and the Shipyard

Beth Mason has a petition drive going on and today a crew of paid staffers working outside the 12th and Washington office.  There was no sign of the self-proclaimed “watchdog,” although her letter is selling yet more lies on the budget surplus in this weekend’s Hudson Reporter.

From what MSV witnessed, not one of the dozens of people walking by her office signed although one person asked why pictures we’re being taken as he was eating a Mason bagel spread.  Told the pictures were gong online he begged that he not be included.  We patted him on the arm and told him not to worry leaving after telling him the two magic words.  Neither included Franz.

The guy said he was just there for the bagel.

Outside Beth Mason’s campaign office a man, one of many walks by without stopping.
Not one person stopped let alone sign her petition while MSV observed.

Talking Ed Note:  Monday is “Grist for the Mill,” and if you have anything to put forward get it in now.  This grist promises to be extra chewy and will anger some people who won’t believe the truth is out yet again.  It’s going to be delicious.

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