Beth Mason splurges on latest screed of lies to Hoboken

Beth Mason launches screed of lies against HHA Board, the mayor and Da Horsey

It’s summer, entering late August and for Hoboken residents it’s a time of vacation, enjoying the great weather or merely spending quality time along the Mile Square’s quaint river view promenade looking out on the Big City.

Then there’s Beth Mason or rather her coterie of political operatives led by a fishy stank bottom feeder who pens most of her rancid “stuff” as here. It’s on the whole regurgitated attacks designed for distraction mixed with cynical HHA exploitation. Why stop with the overwhelming truth in the HHA beginning to emerge? The Masonista creed is almost always to reach for the wallet and double down. Even if the Mason political operatives can’t shoot straight, the Mason family checkbook is seen as the easy out, ace in the hole equalizer. (They just can’t seem to hit a horse inside of a barn.)

This paper bag made with recycled paper courtesy of the latest from a vile Beth Mason mailer.

The Old Guard is displeased with the latest Reform advance getting to look behind the curtain in the Hoboken Housing Authority. In addition to an established semi-organized army of Vote-by-Mail captains and soldiers, there’s a lot of bodies buried back there. It’s a public humiliation about to get worse with further revelations of impropriety and malfeasance or worse adding to an already fetid pile of disclosures in recent months following the termination of Carmelo Garcia’s contract.

For many, the feigned anger and obstructive political attacks on HHA board members has followed with silence and the anticipation of worse accompanied with the clinking of handcuffs. Even the pro Old Guard rag Hudson Reporter has begun distancing itself, burying the details of seven figure financial malfeasance in its weekend cover story. As MSV mentioned previously, the troubling numbers come in the million dollar variety.

According to reliable sources beginning to unravel the hidden financial condition of the agency, the HHA is overspent seven figures to date and projecting a three million dollar deficit in 2014. None of this is embarrassing to Beth Mason who fiddled with her ally Carmelo Garcia as the HHA was being figuratively burned to the ground. For Beth Mason, the personal politics of destruction is the watch word and her singular goal is political advancement, by hook, crook or family check.

The political promotion thing however hasn’t worked out too well. Beth Mason has used the family checkbook donating tens of thousands to numerous NJ Democratic county committees, NJ candidates and media outlets in recent years all in the hope of purchasing a political promotion from lowly ward council member. She even purchased a prosecutor but that didn’t obtain the desired results either.

Here it’s August, in the bow wow days of a lovely summer and what arrives in resident’s mailbox but this pugnacious purple plopping pillow fabrication fare which looks like it could have been dredged right off Mason sponsored Hate411 in its vitriolic heyday.

That would be pre-FBI Data Theft Ring raid which shut up familial Mason political operatives faster than you can say “Pentagon Papers” three times. Have you ever wondered why? Oh those pesky stolen mayor’s office emails, who’s inbox were they found in last? It’s going to be so sad when an officer of the court must fulfill their legal obligation and turn over the file to a smiling, grateful US Attorney in Newark. At least there’s no FBI open file of any prior interviews with Mason’s boys of hate, right?

There’s little doubt this latest political operation by Beth Mason or rather her family checkbook has fail written all over it. It’s a particularly vile piece top to bottom and foretells the desperation the Mason brain trust feels for her dwindling political prospects. The uptown developer with financial ties to the HHA is not going to be motivated to turn out the tenant vote in 2015 for her and Beth Mason’s very late pronouncements against the double crossing attempt to build the Monarch development has no one fooled, especially the vast majority of newly awakened residents in the Hudson Tea Building.

It’s difficult to categorize which lies rise to the top or in this case the bottom where Mason and her political operatives dwell on a regular basis. Is it the implied use of K-9 police dogs against minority residents? Or is it the exploitative fabrication again referring to the HHA as “the plantation.”

It all smells bad but that’s how low Beth Mason is willing to go leading into her desperate bid to hold on to one of nine City Council seats scheduled for vote in November 2015?

November 2015? Yes, it’s more than a year off but Beth Mason, unofficially topping the most despised in Hoboken list is opening up the family checkbook to try to find a way to overcome her massive negatives. The Old Guard poll in 2013 was so upside down negative for Beth Mason, it saw them put up Timmy Occhipinti even as a weighted anchor on a ticket they hoped would salvage at least a single but decisive council seat.

That alleged mole ridden election even looks far better today than this bottom feeding fish effort.

One quick aside. Here’s a short video where Beth Mason’s original public “planation” attack was countered in a City Council meeting where she first made it. As originally written and a staple atop the MSV homepage in the October 2010 story, “Tim’s Street $$$ Time,” MSV wrote:

For the Old Guard Machine operating in the playground in the back of the fourth ward, candidates may come and go but the plantation game stays the same. None dare call the practice of descending on the 4-4 at election time buying votes for a few quick bucks racist. Tim Occhipinti’s campaign has tossed aside its earlier pronouncements and instead gone after MSV, the Hoboken Journal and Hoboken residents who back the law defending the integrity of local elections.  

Apparently in almost four years hence, no one has been able to teach Beth Mason the difference between a noun and an adjective. Perhaps one of her political operatives can buy her a vowel.

The quality of the video is due to Old Guard direction in 2010 to deter you from involvement:

Talking Ed Note: Least anyone forget, this HHA board of commissioners deserves meritorious awards for valor. The fabulous five: Dana Wefer, Dave Mello, Dave Dening, James Sanford and Judy Burrell withstood an ugly mob incited to do their worst to deliver on “concern” for public safety and see ended the proceedings.

MSV has never witnessed such a horrific meeting with several council members looking on in silent acquiescence as the meeting neared a full out riot. While the HHA special meeting was adjourned and pressure mounted on them to end it and leave with their tails between their legs, they did not. It would have been the far easier thing to do with Hoboken public safety urging the meeting’s cancellation during the stoppage.

Last, Beth Mason and her Old Guard allies on and off the City Council owe the HHA board of commissioners starting with HHA Chair Dana Wefer an apology. Of course that won’t happen. Beth Mason doesn’t do decency or apologies, only lawsuits.

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