Beth Mason in damage control mode for ignoring Monarch Project


Councilwoman Beth Mason was spotted yesterday at the uptown ferry terminal handing out her “news” with a handout claiming the City Council was appealing the DEP approval for the Monarch Project in uptown northeast Hoboken, the second ward.

Not much needs to be noted on this other than the City Council has no legal arm to appeal anything and the City’s attorney, Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin is already working on an appeal to the State on the matter.

Last spring second ward Councilwoman Beth Mason ignored a resident’s inquiry who noted her abject silence in a letter to the Hudson Reporter.

This handout refers to a second resolution passed by the City Council on the matter although at the previous City Council meeting Corporation Council Mark Tabakin noted he did not need the resolution to continue with his efforts on behalf of the City of Hoboken.

Beth Mason handed out this flier to anyone who would take one at the ferry yesterday.

Talking Ed Note: As MSV predicted, the ceremonial second resolution passed in City Council would be used by Beth Mason as part of a damage control campaign for her ignoring the issue last year.

The only question remaining is when does she have Hoboken411 chime in?

Hoboken’s City Council has the same authority to make an appeal to a State of NJ agency as it has to negotiate with private entities such as the hospital – zero.

Which of course doesn’t stop Beth Mason from pumping out false information saying the opposite.

T.E.N 2: MSV has added a petition on the top right of the home page you can sign to keep abreast of developments on the grassroots citizens battle against the Monarch project.  You may sign either by name or anonymously if you choose, but either way you will receive updates via the email of your choice.

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