Beth Mason employee Matt Calicchio avoids harassment conviction as judge tears into his “bullying” and “garbage” testimony

Judge rips into Matt Calicchio’s testimony as “garbage” decries “bullying” in harassment case involving BoE official

Based on a bombshell story on Grafix Avenger, the conclusion to a harassment case against Beth Mason’s paid political operative avoided conviction but resulted in a number of embarrassing revelations pointing to the employer who spent significant monies for numerous people in an attempt to bury the case.

Theresa Minutillo, the BoE trustee who filed the harassment charges last fall lacked the evidence for a prosecutor to obtain a conviction against Beth Mason’s admitted employee Matt Calicchio but based on an eyewitness who observed the proceedings, the judge slammed both Matt Calicchio and another Mason employee Tania Garcia who was claimed as a witness by both sides and is a direct relation to BoE trustee Carmelo Garcia.

The night before the “bullying” cited by a Union City judge for his behavior toward a BoE trustee, Matt Calicchio in blue shirt watches the discussion on the Southwest Park ordinance with Franz Paetzold, Nick Calicchio and Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano (rear right).

Among the reported bombs from Union City Judge Sixto Macias on Beth Mason’s employees:

  • “Bullying” discourages people running for office and officeholders and is “very disturbing and uncivilized” 
  • Testimony by Matt Calicchio and another Mason employee appearing on his behalf was nothing but “garbage”
  • Matt Calicchio admits to working for a Mason non-profit since 2011 but the judge calls that employment a political job
  • “Any board member should be allowed to live their lives without being accosted on the street”
  • Matt Calicchio admitted he attends government meetings with “political friends” including Frank “Pupie” Raia, Michele Russo, his brother Nick Calicchio, and also his employer Beth Mason.
  • “Matt Calicchio is being used for politics in exchange for a job” by Beth Mason
  • Attorney Elise DiNardo got slammed for having the “garbage” testimony of her witnesses fail to meet any credible bare minimum in a court of law.

But the worst comment from the judge to Matt Calicchio:

“You’re a fool who is being used.  
What’s very disturbing is that people openly lie under oath.”

More troubling, Beth Mason appears to be breaking IRS regulations for a non-profit “civic league” using it as a cover to pay political operatives for dirty deeds.  How many political operatives are on the Mason Civic League payroll?

Attorney Elise DiNardo attempted to clear the room of all Hoboken witnesses not on the Mason payroll calling BoE trustee Leon Gold, former BoE trustee Jean Marie Mitchell and Grafix Avenger “potential witnesses.”  The judge asked all of them to leave and wait to be called.

None of them were.

Once again, Beth Mason had an army of paid political operatives in attendance as last including her videographer Tim, “Not Perry,” along with a driver in addition to the lawyer.

It’s all connected.  A judge called the testimony of two Beth Mason employees in a harassment case yesterday in Union City “garbage.”  Worse the judge decried the “bullying” of Matt Calicchio who has been a paid Mason employee since at least June 2011.  MSV witnessed Matt Calicchio numerous times in Mason’s political headquarters prior and the paydays must have arrived sooner too as a store theft.

The abuse of power in Hoboken’s legislative branch of government is not enough for Mason apparently – she’s taken it to another level entirely – the Courts!

The following questions were submitted to Beth Mason and MSV awaits a reply:

Are you pleased with the results of the investment in your employee’s trial yesterday considering the judge’s comments about bullying?

How does this fit in to the standards you expect of others regarding your family?

MSV is awaiting a response from BoE trustee Theresa Minutillo.

Talking Ed Note: The judge did not have sufficient evidence for a conviction but his comments clearly show his view of the case and are going to be heard loud and clear throughout Hoboken and perhaps all the way to Newark.  Why Newark?

The Feds already deep into their Hoboken investigation on the Data Theft Ring conspiracy may be interested in the political work being doled out by Beth Mason and paid through her Civic League, a likely violation of IRS regulations.

MSV received attention from Mason’s attorney on the case, Elise DiNardo who asked Matt Calicchio about reading his case online.  Before the judge halted it, Calicchio said he read it ten times on “Hoboken Horse.”

Does that mean our exclusive story was better than the cover story written by the Hudson Reporter?  Let the readers decide!

But first read the full exclusive story on Grafix Avenger:

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