Beth Mason continues anti-democratic jihad, unilaterally removes campaign finance reform

At the last City Council meeting, Beth Mason attempted to remove the election reform legislation sponsored by Councilman Peter Cunningham but was rebuffed when an appeal was made to the Corporation Counsel. Although informed she can not arbitrarily remove sponsored legislation as chair, she’s doing it AGAIN!

Now a late breaking story on Hoboken Patch indicates she’s back at it yet again! Beth Mason is removing from the agenda the same legislation for the second City Council meeting in a row. What is it that is making her go nuclear? Well it’s to protect her money laundering operations, known as WHEELING!

This has erie parallels when certain members of the City Council refused to follow the law and vote by ordinance on a parking issue of the Corner Cars. Beth Mason was a party to that infraction along with her ‘majority,’ – Mike Russo, Nino Giacchi, Tim Occhipinti and Terry Castellano.

This time Beth Mason is again acting unilaterally on the council agenda with powers that do not exist.

Hoboken Patch story:

(Not) On The Agenda: Campaign Finance Reform


Here’s the video from Beth Mason’s previous attempt. She claimed the ordinance was proposed too late for the meeting. That also proved to be inaccurate whereby Mike Russo then said he hadn’t read it and gave that as a reason to bury it. The City Council agenda is presented Friday night before a Wednesday meeting.

What will be Beth Mason’s attempted reasoning for her unilateral action this time?

The video from the previous City Council meeting when Beth Mason tried to eject the campaign finance reforms sponsored by Councilman Peter Cunningham.
(You just can’t make this up.)

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