Beth Mason Civic “charity” running political operations for Carmelo Garcia

Breaking the law again? Beth Mason who likes to make laws for others but doesn’t actually like following them is once again using her tax-subsidized Civic Association “charity” as a weigh station for Hoboken’s notorious and controversial Carmelo Garcia.

While that office at 12th and Washington St. is in the second ward, hired workers are seen coming and going in and out moving election materials and signs for GOTV efforts.

Signs also appearing illegally on Washington St. near bus stops for Garcia have gone up but people are taking it upon themselves to tear them town. (Which is perfectly fine for illegal litter since the City of Hobken has an ordinance on the books banning same.)

At approximately 11:10, a worker came outside and placed four Carmelo Garcia signs on the mosh pit of shrubbery outside the Mason Civic. An older man then followed and instructed him to remove them which he did soon after.

Paid workers for Carmelo Garcia’s sixth ward election effort sit and rest in front of a Carmelo Garcia sign and the Mason Civic Association “charity” a 501(c )(3) subsidized by you the taxpayers.
Political activities are not allowed by charities but when does Beth Mason and Carmelo Garcia ever follow the law again? Unofficially, there’s an APB out for Carmelo Garcia’s campaign report.

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