Beth Mason charge “Most Blatant Conflict” Ever

The Hudson Reporter picked up on Mile Square View’s story Saturday and posted a story with vociferous complaints by Councilwoman Beth Mason on the Condon contract approved in the last City Council meeting.

Describing the “conflict” of Councilman Bhalla and Mr. Condon renting the same office, she’s quoted, they “rent the same law office on River Street and share operating expenses totaling tens of thousands of dollars.  If Mr. Condon can’t pay his share of those expenses, this directly affects Councilman Bhalla’s personal finances.”

She’s also quoted describing the situation as “one of the most blatant conflicts of interest I have ever seen.”

Councilwoman Mason also takes a shot at Peter Cunningham’s wife, noting a relationship with Mr. Condon’s wife in a real estate company where both reportedly work.  The Cunninghams were in Florida and were not available for comment due to the reported death of Mrs. Cunningham’s mother.

Read the whole story in the Hudson Reporter.

Councilwoman Beth Mason – never seen a conflict so blatant

Talking Ed Note: This is an interesting development coming so soon after the expose of Hoboken411’s most recent hatchet job.  Councilwoman Mason it appears has come to Perry Klaussen’s aid but how does she know what operating expense costs are shared between office mates?

If Mr. Condon can’t afford his share of the rent based on this contract, doesn’t he have a problem?  Why does Councilwoman Mason translate that into an automatic conflict and a problem for Councilman Bhalla’s “finances?”  No one has ever replaced a roommate?

For the record, MSV has not contacted Councilwoman Beth Mason for this story so these questions have not been asked.  She’s welcome to do so at her convenience.  Several earlier attempts to communicate with the Councilwoman both via email and phone received no reply.

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