Beth Mason caught in flagrant obstruction, MORTe opts for Hoboken, City workers’ destruction

Councilwoman Beth Mason is seen here flouting her obstruction on the bond to upgrade dangerous, rusty equipment for environmental services and the police infrastructure.

When she comes out saying she doesn’t support the bond ordinance, Councilman Peter Cunningham notes the items have been on the table for four months.  He asks her to specify what her objection is and Beth Mason starts making excuses but can’t say what the problem is why she won’t support the bond.

It’s eerily similar to what happens next on the following ordinance that has resulted in layoffs about to be forced onto Hoboken unnecessarily.  That now infamous bond ordinance blocked by MORTe, Italian for death and stands for Mason Occhipinti Russo and Terry Castellano.

Here’s Beth Mason caught in a web of her making last Wednesday.  It’s obvious there’s a preordained execution planned by MORTe.  The City is depleted of essential equipment for basic services, the Police loose needed repairs at their building and City workers now face the ax for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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