Beth Mason cameraman identified filming mayor at former City employee’s court hearing

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Hijacking an individual lawsuit for political gain is no crime.  Anyone can go down to Hoboken municipal court and watch the drama unfold of traffic violations or petty crimes as they are quickly move along during a typical municipal court day and offer their legal services.  But what if you wanted to film a case, say an ex-municipal employee’s hearing against the City of Hoboken?  Or better yet, how about having the employee’s lawyer cite the major political attacks you’ve used in the past year against the City of Hoboken and its lead elected official, re: the mayor at that hearing?

Councilwoman Beth Mason is aiding a former city employee in a lawsuit against the City of Hoboken; her paid videographer recorded his recent court hearing of almost four hours and posted it on the website where she runs her political operations – Hoboken411.

For the never ending self-promoting Mason, this is a normal if not unsurprising progression.  She sided with the nurse’s union against Hoboken and its taxpayers (the bondholders) during the lengthy process of the hospital sale where the stakes were nothing less than the City of Hoboken’s bankruptcy and closure of the hospital.  When the nurse’s union defected from her objective and went on to reach a settlement agreement with the hospital, Mason worked feverishly to undermine the sale and see the hospital closed anyway, coming within days of seeing the institution run out of money before the sale could be completed.

So to aid a former city employee against the City of Hoboken by having his lawyer, Catherine Elston push the Mason narrative about City press releases being politically problematic claiming they did not have the same “political tone” as she claims is not surprising but the root of the comparison actually is.

The voiced legal complaint parroting similar Mason assaults at the City Council last April in the dismissal of a City public information officer is made by Elston positing the same theme of inappropriate politicization.  She claims her client Bill Campbell would not agree to this activity and press releases from the City before and after his employment will prove the case.  This in short to any independent observer seeing the enormous increase in useful public information both direct and delivered on the city website is wishful thinking, and does no service whatsoever to her client.

Elston also cites a state board investigating the mayor in an election complaint.  She references a weak political complaint making it the equivalent of accepting a bribe on video.  (Someone please get Mr. Campbell legal representation because his case is being hijacked and woefully so.)  In the short video clip below, the attorney representing the City states the hearing is becoming a case of Russo vs. Zimmer taking the hearing’s basis far afield of its intent.

The comparison Elston references has hardly been a hot button issue since it was an election complaint that generated hardly a whimper in Hoboken’s political atmosphere by Russo-Mason candidate Scott Delea.  This is the credibility issue she hopes to wield against the mayor who had a transcript of the Michael Russo FBI surveillance tape with Solomon Dwek made available on the city website.  Elston claims the analogy, a complaint vociferously made by Beth Mason in defense of her ally Councilman Michael Russo will be useful in her client’s case to question the mayor’s credibility, a specious point at best.

The judge impassively looks less than impressed and directs the attorney, Catherine Elston to produce the press releases and move on.  Elston comments unhappily she will after the judge’s ruling where he says, “I’ve heard enough.”  Later the judge will further discipline the lawyer barking, “Enough Ms. Elston,” as he tells her it’s not necessary “to badger the mayor” about the number of demotions after the police reorganization as it’s a matter of record.

In this short clip above, the judge rules against Campbell’s lawyer who argues that the mayor put up a transcript of Councilman Mike Russo’s meeting in a Jersey City restaurant with FBI informant Solomon Dwek agreeing to accept a bribe, but she didn’t put on the City website a complaint against an election committee she supported last spring made by Scott Delea.

The Delea complaint has come and gone and will go nowhere although he’s quoted as recently saying he believes it’s being investigated and isn’t riddled with holes like Swiss cheese.  (Read the Hudson Reporter story by Ray Smith, who actually called the board in question, NJ ELEC and reveals how transparently weak the complaint filed by Scott Delea was during the council elections last spring.)  The NJ ELEC review is going nowhere anytime soon before disappearing into the ether with the only reverberation being the symbolic measure when Scott Delea exposed himself being a political tool of Beth Mason and Michael Russo.

This charge of politicizing the city website actually began in April 2011, oddly right around the time of the FBI surveillance tape’s release showing Michael Russo with Solomon Dwek and other Jersey City crooks who took the Dwek loot.  As he would co-sponsor with the then brief Council Presidency of Beth Mason the same charge.  Their resolution requested all the emails of the mayor’s aides going back to January 2010:

The actual language taken from the April 2011 resolution by Beth Mason, co-sponsored by Mike Russo.

No evidence was presented by Beth Mason or Mike Russo showing even a modicum of evidence to their charge.  But oddly, this resolution pointed to the EXACT SAME TIME as the FBI noted City IT manager Patrick Ricciardi began intercepting emails of the mayor and the mayor’s staff!

So who was the videographer witnessed at the deposition of the mayor with the resulting tape that soon found its way to the Hudson Reporter and then the website infamous for running a screed of pathological lies in service to Beth Mason?

MSV can confirm it is in fact the same person seen here in the photo below, wearing the exact same jacket as shown with the gray interior.  MSV earlier welcomed the videographer Tim during a City Council meeting as Beth Mason’s cameraman.  When Da Horsey said Beth Mason’s cameraman was “shooting for Hoboken411” Mason went into a tizzy interrupting the five minutes of public portion at least a half-dozen times.  Her videographer Tim is clearly visible in the background, video camera in hand.

Beth Mason’s videographer Tim at a late 2011 City Council meeting.  He was witnessed making the video recording at the deposition of Mayor Dawn Zimmer in an employee lawsuit against the City of Hoboken that was provided to the Hudson Reporter and then broadcast on Hoboken411.

Hoboken411 posted Tim’s edited video as orchestrated by Beth Mason proving MSV had it 100% right all along.  (Thank you Beth.)

At last week’s City Council meeting, MSV was looking to find out more about the troika of efforts between Beth Mason, her videographer Tim and Hoboken411 but Mason did not attend.

Beth Mason was contacted on the odd involvement of her hired videographer surrounding this case and the resulting political operation appearing on Hoboken411 but did not respond.  If that changes, this story will be updated.

A Mason political operative on Saturday calling themselves BethRocks on the wild west Hoboken forum stated that if Beth Mason filmed the deposition of the mayor, she was merely doing “a public service.”

The problem for Mason is how she uncannily sides against the interests of the City of Hoboken (even if means its bankruptcy), and how her political interests are the sole factor in any action.  Which leads to the question, who’s interest is attorney Catherine Elston serving, Bill Campbell or Beth Mason?

It’s unclear who is footing the tab for her services.  Another question someone should put to Beth Mason who did not respond to a request to answer questions for this story.

Talking Ed Note: There’s another legal case at present with a paid Beth Mason political operative involved in a criminal matter with a high profile Hoboken resident.  The lawyer who has been hired in that case will be familiar to some who follow Hoboken as she did work on another problematic case involving similar lawbreaking by yet another Beth Mason operative.

MSV tires of writing about all of Beth Mason’s mischief and wishes others would pick up the slack.  Or do you call collusion of a story spoon fed by Beth Mason similarly to Hoboken411 journalism?

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