Beth Mason attempts to strip Mayor Zimmer of legal representation

Claiming a conflict in the law firm representing the mayor and a former Christie official last week, Councilwoman Beth Mason is attempting to remove the top flight representation of Gerard Krovatin from the firm Krovatin and Klingeman adopted by the City Council for Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Gerard Krovatin successfully represented the mayor in the Carmelo Garcia “ethnic cleansing” case thrown out of court last month. It’s been amended changing its unsubstantiated allegations to “patronage.”

Hoboken’s Corporation Counsel is preparing an official response but the general legal sentiment is there’s no conflict in a law firm representing individual parties in these cases.

At the last City Council meeting, Mason also implied Councilman Jim Doyle was conflicted to vote on claims for the final bill on the bankruptcy firm aiding in the 2011 successful sale of Hoboken University Medical Center, now part of the CarePoint Health network.  The final bill had been held over sine 2012 as the Old Guard council refused to approve it during the eight member deadlock, at least on two occasions.

Doyle offered a low key response pointing out the ludicrous nature of any such charge while Mason in the midst of a staunch challenge from Councilman Ravi Bhalla, retreated and complained there were “three lawyers” on the council and she isn’t one.

 (As an aside, how many lawyers has Beth Mason’s checkbook paid suing the mayor, fellow council members and Hoboken residents in the last two years? MSV estimates the number is approaching double digits when adding in the SLAPP suit to silence speech.)

Beth Mason’s vicious attacks both direct on the council dais and by proxy via her army of political operatives are legion.  She even launched an attack on an empty chair when Councilman Peter Cunningham attended his mother-in-law’s funeral.

Beth Mason knows all about conflicts of interest. Her notoriety for her politics of personal destruction is her claim to fame in Hoboken but her biggest success was in almost destroying the hospital’s successful sale seeing it closed and destroying the City’s finances in the process. No conflict in repeatedly trying to harm Hoboken?

When it comes to political schisms, isn’t Beth Mason conflicted against the interests of Hoboken when her family underwrites civil lawsuits against residents’ First Amendment rights with a SLAPP?

Was it a conflict of interest for Beth Mason to finance the Nazi Truck in a BoE election conducted by her lead political operative while feigning no knowledge?

Is there any conflict as Beth Mason never apologized as requested by both local rabbis for underwriting a rolling truck flashing a Nazi swastika all over town – in front of a school and again in front of City Hall before a council meeting?

Is Beth Mason conflicted in continuing to employ a full time political operative who allegedly threatened a woman in our community, a senior at Fox Hills?

Mason who champions free speech for herself, challenged the Corporation Counsel to ‘shut the public up’ as she did not appreciate public comment against her family’s lawsuit to remove Jim Doyle from the council dais and put Hoboken in an almost year long crisis where local boards could not conduct needed town business.

Is Mason conflicted claiming to represent the public while issuing civil suit threats in a live City Council meeting for being asked to make public documentation required on the Mason Civic League “charity?”

What conflicts lie in wait surrounding the shadowy Beth Mason shell company Newton Lao Leonard & Locke?  How many political operatives have been paid through NLLL, past and present? What is the true purpose of the LLC?

Talking Ed Note: Beth Mason is a walking conflict of selfish interests. Her hyper-partisan attacks direct and via multiple paid political operatives are a constant agitation to divide and harm Hoboken.

That’s the only interests Beth Mason has left in Hoboken. Others may point out Beth Mason’s diluted vote with a weakened Old Guard council makes her unimportant. Not altogether accurate, the Mason family checkbook moves from political operation to political operation looking to compromise some, intimidate others and use civil litigation to silence anyone in her way.

The Mason family should be held to account for their detestable behavior against the Hoboken community and it’s relentless attack on the First Amendment.

As many recall, Beth Mason’s openly advocated for the fascist website Hoboken411 where totalitarian iron fisted censorship has been part and parcel of her political operations there over years.

Any conflict underwriting the hit jobs on Hoboken residents, elected officials and city workers defaming scores of people in the community for years!?

Hey Beth, got ‘hypocracy?’

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