Beth Mason announces her office opening with 250 friends

Saturday brought the official opening of Councilwoman Beth Mason’s campaign office.  She thanked “over 250 people,” she says attended in a Facebook announcement:

MSV doesn’t know about 250 people being there and doubts from the reports provided it’s accurate.  We’re not sure what help they provided as the office has been open for quite a while.  Last week MSV took some pictures and one passerby, the only we spotted said it was only the free bagel that brought him there.  He begged us not to post a picture of her office with him in it.  MSV agreed and didn’t even ask him why.

As for today, we do know Michele Russo, wife of ex-mayor Anthony Russo was in attendance and he’s made a big splash this week tagging Hoboken taxpayers with another $100,000 in cost to this town.

That’s gotta count for something.

Talking Ed Note: The Hoboken Journal has a companion piece to this story with photos and an interesting twist on 5th ward candidates showing up.  The 5th ward candidates showing up on behalf of Beth Mason are Perry Belfiore (no surprise) and Scott Delea (are you surprised?).  Perhaps the competitors are not just opponents in the 5th ward but vying for the benefits of cash exceeding the individual contribution limit of $2,600.  Or are they in fact even opponents or just opponents of incumbent 5th ward Councilman Peter Cunningham.

Okay who of the two will get the Masonic loot of $13,00+?  Doesn’t Perry Belfiore deserve it more being a steady anti-Zimmer opponent since, well since her birth in New Hampshire?  MSV feels it would be wrong to give both Perry Belfiore and Scott Delea the same amount of unethical loot.

The Hoboken Journal covered the event and uncovered this gem, but came up with some other good stuff, the pics and captions are off the hook:

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