Beth Mason and political operative FinBoy named orchestrating hit job

GA Bombshell: Hudson Reporter orchestrating hit job for Beth Mason on Da Horsey
Mason pitching herself as victim of Nazi parody on YouTube, blames MSV

Grafix Avenger knocked our socks off today with her updated exclusive on the Hudson Reporter’s story underway on the Hoboken blogosphere.  
Yesterday, MSV voiced it received an odd inquiry with concerns in addition to hers.  As it turns out, it’s not the Nazi propaganda movie poster the Hudson Reporter wanted to rehash, according to a source from “the other side” – it’s a hit job against MSV.  
MSV has filed almost 3,000 stories in under three years, much of it original content and most of it has a reform flavor.  If you want to be critical, this is an open forum – one can do as they please.  We’ve even permitted a personal attack on the host from time to time just to be neighborly and show a thick hide.  So if the Hudson Reporter wants to dissect any of those thousands of stories have at it.
Recently, we’ve coined the phrase the Mason Media Complex and believe our town can not expect any modicum of accountability without all sides being held to some professional norms.  Frankly, it’s lacking and the reasons are long and best left for another day.
MSV can say the earmarks of a hit job have been readily apparent out of the starting gate and contacts yesterday to the Hudson Reporter Editor by phone and email have not been returned.  We’ve denied any knowledge in the creation of Nazi parodies on YouTube and repeatedly requested links to MSV material about it referencing stories done on this website.  The Hudson Reporter can’t provide it.
So who is pitching all this misinformation?
James Barracato
aka FinBoy

In short, Grafix Avenger has learned there’s been a presentation made and materials presented in a comprehensive planted story targeting Da Horsey.  Echoes have been heard here too.  Guess Hoboken411 just won’t do these days…

The Hudson Reporter claims to be fielding complaints from the City Council on blogosphere excess but MSV is hearing only one corner specifically Beth Mason’s is the one getting a hearing, no strike that – setting the agenda!
Activist Jake Stuiver who worked with the title of Mason campaign manager back in spring 2009 notes in the last serious sit-down discussion he had with her in May 2010she expressed an indignant sense of victimhood over online comments in the Hoboken blogosphere.  He recounts telling her many people felt similarly on the the other side and viewed her as the ultimate responsible party behind the vicious character assassination that had come to define Hoboken411.
He says her response to that perspective was “But that stuff is all true.”
Both Beth Mason and her political operative James Barracato were contacted for this story.
Neither has responded to request for comment on their pitch to the Hudson Reporter.
Suffice it to say MSV knows and we know the Hudson Reporter does too.

Word of Beth Mason and political operative James “FinBoy” Barracato of Weehawken setting up a hit job  at the Hudson Reporter means Da Horsey is the target to connect MSV to a YouTube Nazi parody.
Grafix Avenger’s follow up bombshell is available at the link:

Talking Ed Note: Councilwoman Beth Mason was far more friendly at last night’s City Council meeting than some others in attendance.  While she said hello, there was a very weird vibe.  Another close observer noted similar to us today.  
Was she all smiles early on because she believes the “hit” is complete?

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