Beth Mason and Mike Russo take Hoboken for a budget politrickery dance

At the coronation of Beth Mason’s elevation to City Council President, the budget politrickery began immediately as her new ‘majority,’ led by Councilman Mike Russo sprang his own version of a temporary budget handwritten off the back of his napkin he had over dinner.

It’s unclear who actually put together the information for him as he doesn’t seem to understand the basics of how a temporary amended budget is put together based on a percentage of a prior year.

Beth Mason is witnessed incompetently along for the ride on Russo’s plan to present a “budget by surprise,” to everyone for the first time and then haggle over all the details leading to an absolute farce and shutdown of Hoboken’s ability to pay any bills whatsoever.

Councilman Peter Cunningham notes they have obviously been working on this for days and it should have been relayed in advance of the meeting to the Director of Finance.  Mike Russo attempts to defray the obvious professionalism in that by claiming to be victimized by the administration withholding the budget information from him.  Nick Trasente clarifies his statement noting, it’s not the case as he’s asked for other unrelated information.

The farce was supported by the tag team of Beth Mason and Mike Russo along with Council members Terry Castellano, Nino Giacchi and Tim Occhipinti.

Watch this short five minute segment and you’ll marvel at the magnitude of incompetence all in the name of budget politrickery, a Mike Russo specialty.  Watch also for the discussion and the bullying that is his trademark speaking over other members.

Last, thank you Beth.  Chalk this fiasco up to both Beth Mason and Mike Russo.

Talking Ed Note:  This is what happens when you allow massive voter fraud in the 4-4 to overthrow your government re: the City Council.  Although law enforcement at the County and State level are reviewing criminal referrals, the hands of justice take time.  Voters take note as the power to fix this abomination is in your hands this May.

Update: Friday – 2:00 PM

As it turns out the first order of budgetary business of the Mason-Russo regime has been to shut down Hoboken entirely – INCLUDING PAYROLL!

This special congratulations goes out to Tim Occhipinti.  Without you, none of this would have been possible.

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