Bet Mazin’s bottom feeding fish reaches thousands, approaching 10,000 views

MSV’s original short “Downfall of a Wannabe Shark,” was reposted on the home page about a month ago.  It was featured on the main page for the first time and the runaway hit already seen thousands of times on YouTube, MSV and the hosting site never gets old.

The short seems more true today than when it was released in the summer of 2010.

Some folks even those less than supportive of Hoboken’s reform movement found it so hilarious they thought it should be turned into a series.  Unfortunately the tools in its creation changed.  The voice for Bet is no longer available and she’s gone on to do other things as the voice Siri for Apple.

But we’ll always have Bet here and her stink breath fishy operative.  On its way to 10,000 views in this run alone, here is the timeless classic with our power hungry star Bet desperately using the family checkbook to destroy all those in the way of her dream to lord it over others.

Brian do you think that family checkbook comes with no price?  Think again.

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