Belmar mayor strangles himself in triangulation attempt on SandyGate

An interview over the weekend saw the unfortunate mayor of Belmar trying to follow through on admitted coordination with the governor’s administration but he couldn’t bring himself to say the mayor of Hoboken lied.

He instead lands up admitting he may not have been able to hear all of the conversation in question with DCA commissioner Richard Constable.

Preceding that interview is background by Steve Kornacki who has done more detailed work on this story on TV by far then anyone else. 

The video below shows Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty detailing what he heard in the conversation between DCA commissioner Richard Constable and Mayor Zimmer shortly after the conversation outside the Hoboken Shoprite between Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno and Mayor Zimmer.

Or is he admitting he didn’t hear the entire conversation but the portion about hazard mitigation?

Is this a TV interview or an Al Qaeda hostage video? When you see the end of the segment watch how nervous the poor Belmar mayor gets when the host asks him about the coordination of his appearance on his show with the Christie administration.

Throughout the interview the Belmar mayor refuses to say Mayor Zimmer lied. He says what he heard did not include anything about “money flowing” in Hoboken for cooperation.

FYI – While the MSV website takes to the Google Chrome browser best, these videos appear to have a love affair with Firefox – at least on a mac.

Correction: As noted in earlier MSV stories, the conversation between the mayor and Lt. Gov. took place outside Shoprite. It was mistakenly referenced and corrected here from the local A&P.

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