Back on the ballot… and the ballot!

Last year the rent control ballot question was one of several on a full voting sheet.  This year it will be alone and for those who don’t recall, here is the wording:

Shall the City of Hoboken continue annual rental increase protections for current residents of rent controlled properties but allow property owners to negotiate rents for vacant apartments and exempt buildings with one-to-four units and condominium units from the rent leveling ordinance by adopting the proposed amendment to Chapter 155 of the Code of the City of Hoboken?

If approved, the changes would mean buildings under rent control of four units or less and condos would no longer subject to the regulation. Some are concerned smaller buildings would see tenants under pressure and forced out as state law doesn’t provide protection against their removal.

Larger buildings would see de facto vacancy decontrol. There is anxiety among tenants about the enticement to push out tenants for higher rent at prevailing market rates.

City Clerk James Farina drew the lots yesterday on the candidate ballot positions.

Yesterday, candidate positions on the ballot were drawn.  According to the Jersey Journal, ballot positions will be:

Mayoral candidates: Tim Occhipinti 1J, Ruben Ramos 3J, Mayor Dawn Zimmer 5J (incumbent)

At-large City Council seats (bracketed): Laura Miani 1K, Eduardo Gonzalez 2K, and Joe Mindak 3K — on “Vision for Hoboken” team with Ramos. Frank “Pupie” Raia, 5K Peter Biancamano, 6K and Britney Montgomery-Cook 7K — on “One Hoboken” ticket with Occhipinti. Patricia Waiters 9K — independent. David Mello (incumbent) 11K,  Ravi Bhalla 12K (incumbent) and James Doyle, 13K — on ticket with Zimmer.

In addition, Hoboken school board candidates will be on the ballot.
Those positions are:
James Gilbarty, 1I, Brian Murray, 2I, Leon Gold 3I (incumbent), Natalie Rivera 4I, Irene Sobolov 5I (incumbent). Vanessa Falco, 6I, Patricia Waiters. 7I, and Jennifer Evans, 8I
Photo courtesy the Jersey Journal, by arrangement

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