Attempted Coup at Hoboken Housing Authority Reorg Fails

The Hoboken Housing Authority Board of Commissioners held its annual reorganization meeting last Thursday, in front of an audience filled with guests from various ends of the political spectrum.

Incumbent Chairwoman Jean Rodriguez, recently reappointed by Mayor Zimmer to serve another five year term on the board, won another year as Chair after being nominated by Commissioner Jake Stuiver and winning a five-vote majority on the seven-member board but not before a move to unseat her.

Rodriguez nominated for Vice Chairman Commissioner Robert Davis, who received a second from Stuiver and unanimous confirmation by the board. Voting “no” for Rodriguez as chair were commissioners Maryanne Camporeale and Eduardo Gonzalez.

Commissioner Mary Camporeale had placed in nomination Eduardo Gonzalez for chair, but the nomination never made it to a full vote because Rodriguez, who was nominated first, would gain a winning majority vote.

Of note, no one seconded the nomination of Eduardo Gonzalez making it clear where the support of the body stood. Gonzalez seeing no backing, would second his own nomination.

HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia noted the board’s backing for Rodriguez saying, “Her leadership has been amazing in supporting the board’s vision, and encouraging the plan we’ve adopted for implementation.”

The reorg drew an unusually large crowd from outside the Housing Authority, including a group of Kids First school-board members and allies, who were there to support Judy Burrell in her first meeting as an HHA commissioner since being appointed by Gov. Christie last month.

Also in attendance were Scott Delea and Maurice Fitzgibbons, who appeared in support of Gonzalez’s candidacy for the chairmanship. Both left shortly after Rodriguez clinched the vote.

Maurice Fitzgibbons at a 2010 BoE meeting

Talking Ed Note: The latest Fitzgibbons project was apparently to see Eduardo Gonzalez take the chair and the plan failed while Scott Delea was easily defeated in his 5th ward council bid by Councilman Peter Cunningham last week.

Hoboken Patch editor Claire Moses also attended.

MSV usually only covers events attended but there was no report of this one. It was produced using multiple independent sources.

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