The Association is “poof” as in gone

Friday Update: While ownership of 420 Adams St. may not in fact be changing, there may be a plan to convert the building into a restaurant.  Any conversion would need approval from the Hoboken Planning Board.

As for the Russo Civic Association, they indeed will be moving out.  One unconfirmed report says it will be in the vicinity.


Not a week after the Council swearing in ceremony and MSV got word of a strange and odd circumstance – the Russo Civic Association had lost its sign and the rumor  something was afoot.

The plan to go and investigate directly passed and now it looks like Grafix Avenger did also get word and has photos up on what appears to be a Russo Civic Association evacuation.

It’s gone, the signs, the pictures and it looks like a complete and sudden shutdown.  There’s been no word on any of it, a very foreboding sign of the times.

Talking Ed Note: Is this the end or the beginning of an end?  We’ll see if there’s an explanation on this but it’s too late to get official word tonight.

It’s that darn Grafix Avenger again:

Ruben Ramos signs up at The Association just last month.  What’s befallen the Russo playpen?

Update: July 8 – Another reader Hoboken Follower sent some questions about a sale previous noting: “Was it to a former Hoboken High class of ’93 grad Nicola Fuccilli?” and

“Tax records have 2 postings with the first at $300k but then a second with $1 and the reference to “Transfer of Convenience.”  
What does “Transfer of Convenience” even mean?  According to page 9 of the NJ taxation guidelines, it is for the transfer or re-record of a deed for a nominal amount ($1 would probably fit that criteria.)  

Transfers of convenience; for example, for the sole purpose of correcting
defects in title, a transfer by a husband either through a third party or directly
to himself and his wife for the purpose of creating a tenancy by the entirety,

In a transfer of convenience, the sale price is usually a nominal amount. The most

common of these transfers relate to a technical change in the character of the title.
Many of the transfers are referred to as a “rerecord”, where the deed is rerecorded to
correct an error in the initially recorded instrument.
The deed type, or a statement of interest transferred, or the relationship of the buyer
and the seller, will identify some of these types of sales.

Owner of the building shows the most recent transaction as for $1 in January 2008 and earlier for $300,000 in 2007 to Nicola Fuccilli.

Talking Ed Note: We may have a sale of some type but not clear on the buyer. 

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