Assemblywoman Joan Quigley: NJ law changes on absentees

Assemblywoman Joan Quigley posted a comment on our feature piece earlier today regarding the abuse of absentee ballots in Hoboken elections. Her comments are highlighted here due to the importance of her position and the legal remedies passed and underway.

Because there were problems with “absentee ballots” all over New Jersey for many years, I sponsored and the Governor signed a law last year revising the rules for persons who vote by mail. Those new rules limit “authorized messengers” (i.e. campaign workers and others) from handling more than ten ballots per election. In Passaic County this year someone already found a loophole in the new law so it will be amended to more precisely say that no one at all can handle more than 10 ballots per election, no matter if they are campaign workers, social workers, family members, etc. Ten is the limit! 

Assemblywoman Joan Quigley

The Assemblywoman represents New Jersey’s 32nd district.

Her website is located at: 

MSV would like to thank Assemblywoman Quigley for her timely submittal on this issue.

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