Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro: Protections for victims of domestic abuse, biker/driver education and ‘Lepercon’ type infestations

From the desk of Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend!
I am writing today to provide you with an update on what I’ve worked on this summer as the State Legislature prepares to reconvene. I’ve been inspired by the 33rd District and its residents to draft legislation that I believe will make a positive impact on our community!

Financial Protections for Victims of Domestic Abuse

I am currently finalizing a bill that will allow victims of domestic abuse who are in a joint utility bill contract with their abuser to exit the agreement without additional fees, easing a financial hardship and removing an obstacle from a new start for these victims.
Bills for Bikers and Drivers
As bike shares and bike lanes become more widely used in New Jersey (like here in Hudson County), there are many people who decide to give up their car to ride bikes. I will soon be introducing a bill that will ensure new drivers are educated (and tested) on the right way to share the road with bicyclists and pedestrians. I’m hoping that the introduction and implementation of this bill will also lead to a bigger discussion and greater awareness of bicycle/driver safety.
However, some drivers who decide to give up their cars in exchange for bikes find that after some time, they’d like to go back to living with a car. In these cases, residents are faced with a spike in insurance costs for cancelling their plan and having a gap, and I don’t think that’s right or fair. So, I’ve introduced a bill (A3721) that would prohibit private passenger automobile insurance companies from assigning a higher risk to an applicant because they have a short insurance gap. Their driving record has not gotten worse, so neither should their rating. Thank you to former Hoboken Councilman Tim Occhipinti for bringing this issue to my attention.

Online Organized Events Bill

As residents of Hoboken know, some events are organized online without permits while taxpayers are forced to cover the cost of the law enforcement increase required on those days and local bar owners are blamed for the problems of anonymous organizers. Historically, events that require such a drain on our resources would register with City Hall (like for concerts, etc.). Bill A3720 would allow municipalities to protect both taxpayers and bar owners by updating municipal codes to set boundaries for internet organized events.
I’m working on a few other bills that I’m eager to share with you and will do so when they are finalized and introduced!
Volunteer Request for Voter Registration

I am in the process of partnering with different elected officials and organizations to help ensure that voters are registered before the Oct. 18 deadline for the November elections. If you’re interested in helping volunteer for the voter registration drive or would like more information, please e-mail before the end of this week.

If I can ever be of assistance with legislative issues, please feel free to reach out to my district office at (201) 683-7917. For non-government issues, please contact me at
Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro (D-33)

Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro

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