Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro: ‘Let the voters decide who pick their representatives’

Official release:

The following is an official release in response to a request from on recent news:

“While I’m flattered that some people think I could be a formidable council candidate, I do love representing the 1st Ward in Hoboken currently, and the other wards, and Union City, Weehawken, and Jersey City. Over the last few years, I’ve learned what a truly special place the 33rd District is, and I will not abandon the voters who I’ve grown to love and whose trust I’ve earned. I’m honored to represent the 33rd District and am very passionate about the office I hold.  

I work well with Mayor Bhalla and appreciate his kind words and I look forward to continuing that working relationship.  I look forward to working with everyone else in the 33rd District.

I’m extremely grateful for LUPEPAC for standing with me and with other Latina lawmakers. They lead the good fight for more representation of our community in public office – the way they stood up for me leaves me forever grateful for their words and efforts.  

I realize that there is some political gamesmanship that happens in Hudson County, and sometimes you’re on the right side of it, and sometimes you’re on the wrong side of it, but at the end of the day, I’m truly happy to have the trust of my running mates, the HCDO, and most importantly, the voters, who I hope will vote for me, because it’s the voters at the end of the day who pick their representatives.”

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