Assemblyman Ruben Ramos: ‘Forget anti-wheeling, show me the money’

This letter originally appeared on Hoboken Patch from Assemblyman Ruben Ramos.  It provide insights into the mind of the Machine adamantly oppossed to restricting wheeling.  For them such an event would be an absolute catastrophe.

Ramos does a pretty good job attempting to muddy the waters.  He is trying to say Hoboken is not the master of its own domain and can not push ahead to stop wheeling.  We’ve seen quite a bit of that in recent days.  It reeks of desperation.  Both sides know this would be the absolute death knell for the backhanded money laundering to overwhelm the will of the people.  Be it a PAC or an individual, shutting off the loopholes will place Hoboken in good company – such as Atlantic and Monmouth counties and Marlboro township.  How does Ruben Ramos explain that?  He doesn’t and he can’t.  Instead Ramos tries to argue about individual self-funded campaigns.  That’s not even at issue here.
(Minions please take note before you try to trot out this rubbish.)

Let’s be 100% clear.  This anti-wheeling legislation by reform members of the City Council: Peter Cunningham, Ravi Bhalla, Carol Marsh and Dave Mello puts a stake right into the heart of the Soprano State.  Dead center and will kill them dead, dead, dead.

For that reason, expect them to fight this like nothing else.  They already have with Beth Mason urgently fighting to prevent even a brief introduction of the details by the original sponsor Peter Cunningham.

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