As Real Today…

As it was that day: the loss, the suffering, the barbarity. Hoboken knows the loss and shares it with the nation: all those who have fallen, those that have sacrificed and continue to do so on behalf of our Republic, here and abroad.

Today we’re reflecting and praying on it and recognize the needed support to:

  • the families and lives who were changed forever,
  • the families and lives of the fallen whose numbers continue to grow,
  • the families and lives of the injured, some permanent,
  • the children who said goodbye the last time to a parent and those that still will,
  • the continued resolve of our nation.

We note that the victims of the attack grow and they need your support still; a vet who is trying to find a job or a child who has lost a parent in service and college lies ahead without the ability to pay.

Some references:
Soldiers’ Angels
9-11 Scholarship Fund
Children of September 11
Twin Towers Orphan Fund

The national 911 museum just went online yesterday.

Other notable sites here and here.

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