As the holiday season enters, a pathetic message from Hate411

City Hall is hosting its tree lighting ceremony tomorrow:

Mayor Dawn Zimmer & the City of Hoboken
invite you to the

Hoboken Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
PLEASE NOTE NEW DATE: Wednesday Dec. 8th  at 5:30pm
in front of City Hall, 94 Washington Street
with special guests: Elvis the Elf & Santa Claus
Local school children & performers singing favorite Christmas songs including Hoboken All School Chorus, Hannah & the M & Ms, Hoboken Cheer Dynamic All-Stars, Daisy Girl Scouts and much more

Is it more sad or pathetic that others stewed in the juices of their own hatred post anti Semitic baiting innuendo about the city not putting up decorations.  Of course there is no source to any of it, not one.

Mason411 know for its heavy hand of censorship doesn’t look to be taking down any of the garbage from its usual low brow posters either such as this:

Maybe Hate411 will be ashamed enough to delete a post actually warranting it

In February this year, “Mason411,” the name coined by readers in reference to Councilwoman Beth Mason’s uptown smear merchant, the Holocaust was used to attack the mayor,  MSV wrote a piece on that story found here.

Beth Mason contacted the Anti-Defamation League to report a graphic with similarities to a movie poster where she was lampooned and tried to have it labeled with its author anti-Semitic.  Having failed in that attempt, it was later shopped to her friend in a political organization, the NJDC that linked to the hatchet job on Mason411 and refused to explain how they became involved and why a political organization would link to the political hit job instead of where the claimed offending material originated.

Well Councilwoman Mason, looks like your friends are out of control again.  Maybe you should tell them your Jewish or perhaps you should pick up the phone call the Anti-Defamation League and then have a full blown presentation in the next City Council meeting starring your friend the “weasel with an easel,” as one commenter described the little Mason411 minion.

MSV has learned the truth: some Christmas decorations were in fact damaged in the Municipal Garage move and replacements were necessary.

Da Horsey understands there are decorations in fact going up downtown on lamp posts now.  It’ll probably be a nice backdrop at the tree light ceremony tomorrow night.

Let’s enjoy the holidays and ignore the hatred of Mason411 and its minions!

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