Are you ready for a war?

Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano declares war on Tiffanie Fisher and Reform

Anthony “Stick” Romano, the Hoboken Freeholder presiding over the massive Hudson County annual tax increases on bewildered Mile Square residents attended the Thursday night kickoff of second ward City Council candidate Peter Biancamano.

Romano offered some words of counsel on the upcoming second ward race and by extension to those Old Guard “darksiders” in attendance with a declaration:

“This is a war!”

                                                                                            – Anthony “Stick” Romano

The declaration of war on Reform’s second ward candidate in Tiffanie Fisher and by extension its citywide council candidates ups the ante and the stakes this November with the council majority up for grabs.

Six ward seats of the Hoboken City Council are up for election November 3rd in the nine member body.

Sprinkling his war declaration with heavy accented Spanish, Freeholder Romano conveyed the Spanish speaking population of uptown Applied Housing, owned by the Barry family are a critical voting bloc to Biancamano’s chances.

The kickoff video report here comes courtesy of the Hudson County View:

Seen in attendance much of the Carmelo Ticket with Council members seeking re-election Terry Castellano, Michael Russo, Eduardo Gonzalez and Carmelo Garcia.

Fourth ward City Council candidate Ruben Ramos was notably missing and reportedly sports a grudge to those like Peter Biancamano who ran on a slate against his mayoral ticket in 2013.

In Biancamano’s remarks, he stated his campaign was “going to do something crazy. “We’re going to tell the truth.” The topics he highlighted: taxes, rent increases, and alleged lack of maintenance in Elysian Park.

One second ward topic missing not detailed: the much litigated Barry family backed Monarch project towers in northeast Hoboken.

Biancamano reportedly said at the event he seeks “a resolution” to the Monarch Project which the City of Hoboken is fighting on multiple legal fronts.

Tiffanie Fisher is a leader in the opposition to the Monarch Project towers and supports the City’s legal efforts to see the proposed development stopped.

The site of the controversial Monarch project towers was originally contractually agreed to be parking and tennis courts as part of the approval for the Shipyard buildings.

Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano who declared war on Reform and its City Council candidates
this November is seen here last month at the spaghetti dinner with the Carmelo Garcia Ticket
candidates seeking re-election: Michael Russo and Terry Castellano.

Talking Ed Note: The Monarch towers represent for Hoboken the latest in a long line of developer promises reneged against Hoboken people.

Biancamano in a letter to Hoboken residents last week offered more information should be given on the Monarch Project. The conclusion one can draw is they would be swayed the Monarch towers are acceptable and desireable in place of the promised parking and tennis courts.

At the last City Council meeting, developer deals was a topic on the question of acquiring six acres of BASF in northwest Hoboken.

Once again, it was the Old Guard council Russo faction arguing on behalf of a “developer deal,” articulated by Councilman Michael Russo and his running mate, fifth ward council candidate Eduardo Gonzalez.

The Carmelo Ticket is clearly articulating a big development agenda for Hoboken with the Monarch Towers in the northeast and matching residential towers in the northwest.

The City Council however took off the table any alleged BASF towers and moved to acquire all six acres for public application envisioning a resiliency effort in a park and a first of its kind municipal parking garage.

The Hoboken public weighs in on these hefty matters November 3rd in critical council elections.

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