Are the questions looming around Hoboken’s VBM harvest simmering or on the back burner?

It’s after hours so the answer to this question will have to wait but weighed in with a story seeking answers to what lies next in Hoboken’s latest absentee boom.

Oh, sorry Timmy always corrects us when we say that; it’s Vote by Mail.

Kathryn Brenzel on spoke to the players as a decision appears pending with Board of Elections County Clerk Michael Harper saying:

“It speaks to the integrity of the system, and the board takes allegations very seriously,” Harper said. “Sustained allegations over time raise our interest, and it’s something we’d like to see rectified. In the end, we’ll do everything we can to restore people’s faith in the vote by mail system.”
So-called ballot harvesting has long been a point of contention in Hoboken.

Grafix Avenger just issued an award for Harvest Queen, wouldn’t you know it.  Now Hoboken’s VBM harvest is getting some affection on
Stay tuned and as Johnny Action Space Punk said earlier on the Beth Mason Vigilante Animal Army, “Pray for Hoboken.”

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