Appreciating the Melissa Situation

Whether you think it’s an affront to Democracy or parallels sinister Zimmerists which are hiding in every corner of the City Clerk’s Office, a fifth ward City Council candidacy lies perilously in the balance.

As the ballot positions will be drawn noon at City Hall tomorrow, the unofficial deadline for rendering fixes for ballot deficiencies is likely 4:00 pm today.

Melissa Blanco needs 59 registered voter petitions to confirm a position on the ballot for fifth ward council. She’s submitted in the neighborhood of 40 with the remainder of approximately 80 not registered voters or residents of the fifth ward.

Unofficially, her deficit is only 19 fifth ward petitions.

Melissa Blanco, an apparent vehement hater of Mayor Zimmer and Reform appears immobilized by contradictory statements about her deficient petition status. She’s allegedly commenting under various screen names speaking about her petition problem in the third person but doesn’t appear to be making any actual effort or headway to come up with the needed 19 petitions to rectify the deficiency.

In the meantime as everyone awaits action, Blanco has apparently been on a tear, pointing fingers everywhere and incoherently commenting in the third person on websites around town claiming or so it seems that the laws about counting unregistered voters under NJ and/or federal laws favor her not the City Clerk’s Office tabulation. She further appears to claim the unregistered voter petitions must count toward her total while simultaneously saying being a write-in candidate wouldn’t be so bad.

It’s all quite dizzying. What is Blanco doing? According to one source, calls come in every day to City Hall but no actual petition deficiency is actually addressed. She’s not made any changes or dropped off the approximately 19 petitions she needs to get on the ballot.

Yesterday, after the latest court appearance in Jersey City with Councilwoman Beth Mason, Da Horsey spotted Blanco crossing the street with her two dogs, no petitions in hand.

Which leaves one to wonder about the Melissa situation, not to be confused with the Bonnie situation, the Tarantino version.

Talking Ed Note: Grafix Avenger highlighted the appearance of Melissa Blanco at last year’s special meeting of the Hoboken Housing Authority where Carmelo Garcia’s contract was terminated. She repeatedly described all evidence of the massive problems unearthed under Garcia such as an independent third party audit within the HHA itself as “bullshit.”

Allegedly, she’s penned accusations of corruption at others associated with Reform and offered to raise money for Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi for the failure of their frivolous SLAPP-suit and is a staunch Old Guard defender of all things Carmelo and presumably, the OG-Carmelo Ticket.

Beth Mason motioned her in a recent council meeting, “call me.” Birds of a feather… or is it monster raccoon? 

Melissa Blanco photo courtesy the Hudson County View

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