Appointment of Special Counsel in the HHA opens pathway to justice

Here is the complete, unedited proceedings on the resolution to appoint a Special Counsel to the Hoboken Housing Authority. The appointment clears the way to further examine the massive procurement problems uncovered in the past two months surrounding numerous contracts being unilaterally handed out in the millions by HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.

The appointment will likely lead to further examination of the HHA’s internal machinations and the thousands of dollars Carmelo Garcia took from at least two vendors doing business within the agency without a contract.

The full video running less then 20 minutes concludes before public portion. Some amusing moments lie within, with Carmelo Garcia interjecting the selection of a special counsel contradicts his contract with the HHA and pointing to the discredited HHA counsel and its special counsel as options not necessitating the external contract. Is it possible to have less than zero credibility with the Board of Commissioners?

It’s full on hilarity piled one after another. From the attempts to circumvent a legally noticed meeting, to the ironic citations of federal procurement policy, to the less than veiled threats against individual HHA commissioners being held “responsible”- this is full out Hoboken Soprano – HudCo on display in all its maleficent splendor.

And it all comes for naught.

Talking Ed Note: Of note, there weren’t many public speakers following. More interesting was the lack of appearances by the Old Guard. Beth Mason showed up at the meeting’s start taking one of the only places available, standing room to the right of MSV.

It bears repeating most of the HHA residents attending the meeting were respectful of the proceedings and the microphone levels here were not very good as the new microphones require close, direct speaking so the recording is difficult at times. Carmelo Garcia is heard clearly as he speaks directly into the mic.

Beth Mason incorrectly stated the meeting required seven days notice and complained early on to her staff and others about the proceedings. But it was her disdain exhibited toward Jessica Coco which was shockingly disturbing. She voiced a hyper partisan comment to this editor blaming MSV for Coco’s public comments saying, “She learned it from you.”

It was utterly disgraceful to hear this coming out of a council member’s mouth, speaking about a disabled woman who just survived visits to the hospital not once but twice in recent days with a chronic pulmonary condition.

Beth Mason as MSV has learned, has never attempted to contact Jessica Coco through the months of serious criminal acts marshaled against her: repeated break-ins to her home, vandalism to her car and death threats verified by MSV and recorded here.

Mason however has ignored the sole appearance Coco made before the City Council months ago and turned a deaf ear to her plight altogether voicing support for the undocumented attempted scam on HHA residents and Hoboken in Vision 20/20 at that meeting and since.

The utter depravity is beyond words. Beth Mason, some defender of the poor, the downtrodden and women. More words were exchanged at meeting’s end centered on Jessica Coco. Mason ended it changing the subject and voicing ludicrous charges that MSV was responsible for “an attack” on her children.

Is that what’s driven Beth Mason to sue numerous Hoboken residents including this editor with a SLAPP civil suit? Absurd!

Related: This MSV October story detailed the crimes against Jessica Coco, the resulting death threat and the likely means of the criminal attacks.

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