An ad on Craigslist looking for high end retail managers suggests there’s an Apple Store in Hoboken’s future.  The unverified ad claims an Apple Store will be opening by the middle of next year at the former location of Blockbuster, 412 Washington Street.

The Bokenonline earlier posted a story last August saying after a Halloween pop up store occupied the former Blockbuster space, a woman oriented chain Anthropologie would be following.  At the time of this writing, MSV did not have a chance to confirm details with the Bokenonline but would note it’s far more accurate and reliable than Hoboken411 where facts aren’t required in a story.

So is Apple really going to open one of its stores in Hoboken?  Hard to know but here’s part of the ad on Craigslist:

Join us at the Apple Retail Store, 412 Washington Street Hoboken NJ, the unique gathering place where people come to discover Apple products. Show your passion and expertise as you connect customers with our products and help integrate products into their lives. Be a part of our team and change the way our customers work, play, create, and communicate.

Talking Ed Note: So what’s it going to be, something for Eve or Apple?

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