Appellate Court set to hear plea from the Hoboken Sopranos

Jim Doyle, Hoboken’s ‘official’ councilman-in-waiting will see his case heard before the NJ Appellate Court on May 21 according to a report on Hoboken Patch.  A decision could come in July if not sooner.

After the Hoboken Sopranos’ were defeated in their manufactured lawsuit last fall in a ruling by Hudson County Superior Court Assignment Judge Peter Bariso, they put in an appeal locking up reform’s fifth vote on the City Council.

Judge Bariso took the Old Guard lawsuit, ordered the whole council through the process of attending and voting together on back filling the open seat and ruled on the attempts to sabotage the mayor’s tie-breaking vote.

The court ruled Jim Doyle’s council appointment valid and the Old Guard council lawsuit underwritten by the Mason family as “gamesmanship” adding for good measure the court could not countenance any council member acting to undermine the council vacancy law.

The Mason family “heard” that message and tied up the early year defeat with another appeal.

The people of Hoboken have incurred a bill running over $30,000 and counting fending off the Old Guard’s (Beth Mason, Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti) power grab.

Beth Mason conspires with Michael Russo before an earlier council meeting.
When they aren’t conspiring against Hoboken People, they sue as in the staged Doyle lawsuit.

Talking Ed Note: The Hoboken Sopranos are very impressed with their legal acumen using the Mason family checkbook.  Even in defeat they have managed to harm Hoboken after the devastation in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

At a recent meeting, Hoboken reform activist Phil Cohen unleashed a torrent of logic against their wasting Hoboken’s money garnering a smile from Councilman Michael Russo to his cousin Councilwoman Terry Castellano.

If there’s nothing more than graft the Hoboken Sopranos love, it’s getting over.

Related: Assignment Judge Peter Bariso’s decision early this year approved Jim Doyle’s council appointment. 

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