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There was a time in the not so distant past when there was not a bad website in town where all the creatures of the land would come to dwell and share thoughts and watch the comings and goings of store openings, closings and pipe bursts.  Then it declared itself the political kingmaker of the castle, announced a new queen and went on its merry way sinking into a mire of self-destruction, massive censorship and paranoia.

Along came one disenchanted guest, a big jolly green vegetable who danced to the song of Howard “The Scream” Dean, fell in love with the cob, added butter and began to dance to the song of a new queen who also was rumored to be a descendant of the fifth Beatle.

Now just days into the the year 2010, and with the tale of new pancakes stacked in hand with untold brave new readership, the vegetable has come under cowardly attack.  Who would do such a thing?

Well there’s been a lot of activity between the blogs in Hoboken over the second half of the year.  But there’s still only one full time operation and it’s run by the hobo over at Hoboken411.  Having tasted a modicum of success to keep the doors open, the political hand was played quite badly annoying far too many guests including our gallant vegetable who set off upon the land to grow his own crop.  Springing a few kernels and germinating some good seed, it became a refuge for many escapees from the Hoboken411 asylum, either by choice or by mass ejection.

Things went along swimmingly for a while, the green vegetable signed up for double duty pounding out story after story on local events and political shenanigans and in the process became a significant voice in the never ending 2009 election scene.  Well at least for the eventual winning team after a couple of tosses and turns of the Camma-RAT-0 salad bowl.

So here we are not a week into the new year and one bitter minion is already up to no good.  Or would it in fact be a bad flame bacardi induced hangover?  Who’s to say?  Well, the coppers, that’s who.  Oh, the anonymity of a Craigslist may serve as a respite (for all of a day or two) and Yahoo and Gmail may buy you a week but in the end it’s curtains for you Hobotown.

We can scarcely await the developments at Hoboken Police Plaza.  Sleep well minions of Hoboken411.  They don’t let you take your own pillow to the clink.  The loss of readership may be a secondary problem soon enough.

Talking Ed Note: For the New Year we made a resolution on our horse sense and shared it with a couple of readers. We’ll be revisiting it with them to see if in fact we hit the nail square on the head.

Update: Jan. 5 – The big green vegetable has gotten with the holiday spirit and accepted the confession of the said prankster.  Someone should tell him it’s only the holidays if you are following the old Gregorian calendar.  And much of the world does in fact do so.  To all of you, Merry Christmas!

As for the Cragislister, that perp was gonna get nailed.  Here’s one infamous recent case of note.  We’ve gotten some reader accounts of harassment from a less than stable person calling their place of business.  Knock, knock…who’s there?  Open the door and don’t take your pillow sucka. Tick tock, tick tock, you’ll never know when they are coming, even with the cameras in the hallway.

Update: 6:45 – Our colleague at The Hoboken Journal has noted the end of the matter but the Colonel did his napoleanic level worst to keep it going, taking swipes at the jolly green vegetable all the while and also at Da Horsey along with every other poster.  Horse sense is all too often right and MSV stands by the premonition.  Unequivocally.  Out of respect for the big green vegetable, we’ll leave it at that.

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