And now the winners & losers

In the HudCo civil war, it was all about the politicians, their ambitions, hunger for power and patronage jobs. That’s HudCo.

New glass ceiling breaker Amy DeGise, however, said last night to one committee member she wants “Hoboken to have a seat at the table.”

Ironically, this was part of Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s pitch to the Hoboken Democratic Committee. It aided his efforts to get HDC votes but not everyone on the “bus” to Kearny yesterday voted for Brian Stack.

Amy DeGise cracked Hoboken for approximately a couple of dozen votes, thus ensuring a 40 vote swing. Coupled with a few dozen in Jersey City (60 vote swing) and that imploded Brian Stack’s insurrection to an ash heap of an abysmal failure.

Last night Amy DeGise finally spoke to Ravi Bhalla. He followed his political tactic in Hoboken of refusing to speak to those who don’t support his political ambitions not returning her phone call.  Councilmembers have noted this same problem in earlier meetings this year.

However, Amy DeGise is expected to be a lot more professional. No doubt she’ll ask Ravi what he prefers, Line B or Line C when he tries to exit Hoboken for another political office.

Meanwhile, Ravi Bhalla is getting scorched on Twitter for leaving the scene immediately after the vote yesterday without even staying a few minutes to hear Amy DeGise’s remarks.

Dejected Ravibots departed Kearny and his family was reportedly in tears. All the self-serving deals cut for aspiring political ambitions were sliced and diced to ribbons. The wailing crybaby tears in the Cave are pointing the finger at HudCo’s annual tax increases and trying to blame that yearly ritual on councilwomen Tiffanie Fisher and Jen Giattino. As if.

Batshit crazy. Anyone who thinks Brian Stack is a tax cutter and would EVER reduce Hoboken’s tax burden hasn’t been paying attention. The millions flow INTO Union City every year up the hill not down to the Mile Square City.

MSV will return with the Winners & Losers list. There’s going to be lots.

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