And the HudCo winners

The HudCo civil war is unofficially over but the payback for the insurrection will likely go on for years.  So, here are the winners who can count on benefiting as they hold the reins of the machine.

HudCo – the biggest winner is the machine itself. One party rule is assured for years to come with no significant challenge from anyone daring to show up on Line B. Transparency, good government initiatives and cutting taxes will never make it atop the agenda. Ever.

Amy DeGise – she broke the glass ceiling by winning the post of HudCo Democratic Chair. She’s making some changes bringing on new faces as she gets underway but what real change will it mean? That’s an open question but there’s not going to be any significant change in the system’s methodology. What’s next for her? Her name is going to show up on something in an election.

Tom DeGise – the 18 years long County Executive is beaming with pride the family’s political name will continue on and he’s locked in for another term in office next year with no viable opposition. It’s a HudCo tradition living on and on. He’s making all the right calls and working with all the mayors to continue long-established relationships. Some calls will be returned slower than others. “Ravi, I just got your voicemail from last week…. No, we can’t send you more police for SantaCon but you can get Westfield police with their double-overtime rates I hear.”

Nick Sacco – the status quo means the song remains the same and Uncle Nick has an original album pressing of the Led Zepplin classic. He’s vowed to play it every single day as he decides who’s up and who’s down. He’ll be sorting this out for some time while he’s rocking out. No longer on the Brian Stack birthday card list.

Ruben Ramos – the biggest factor in undercutting Ravi Bhalla’s count out of the Hoboken Democratic Committee was his efforts reaching out to its members. He won’t admit it but that’s the word on the street and the double-digit numbers delivered proved significant. Combined with the dozens who defected in Jersey City, the Brian Stack insurrection was doomed from the start. The insiders all know it and now so do the readers here.

Mike DeFusco – reportedly worked supporting his council colleague Ruben Ramos in the HDC vote efforts. Making the effort as he did publicly puts him in the winners column. It also salves a bit of the pain with the phony “terror flyer” used against him in the closing days of the Hoboken mayoral election. Maybe Ravi Bhalla could have been a bit nicer to him after the election about that.  

Michael Russo – the ultimate Hoboken politician, it’s Russo who put his chips on the counter and said “I do for you, you do for me” and is slated to win two chits. He’s up to get County Freeholder and Executive Director of the North Hudson Community Action Corp. Oh wait…. Uncle Nick will remember Russo at Christmas and he’s got the most gnarly bags of coal with his name on it.

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