And the Council that “didn’t”

From the Hoboken Forum, an interesting post by FactChecker of City Council discussions on the million dollar coin swindle.  These are the original comments as compiled in the original story by the Wile E. Coyote, Eric Kurta: 

December 6, 2007 City Council Meeting

Councilman Michael Russo: “Mr. England, I have one, uh, one other revenue source that, uh, has been called into question and – and some of my Council colleagues might know about it, some of them might not. Uh, it looks to, looks to me like there’s a million dollars missing in revenue from our collection in parking meters. This correct?”
Richard England, Business Administrator: “Umm…I don’t know at this point, Councilman.”
Russo: “I think we really need to look into it, uh, I don’t know if it was just not paid to us, I don’t know if it’s actually missing, I don’t know if there was a miscalculation, I have no idea what the circumstances are…”
Council President Theresa Castellano: “Needs to be looked into…”
Russo: “…but it’s my understanding that there, there’s something going on with that revenue stream. If we could get, uh, a look at it and find out so that you can report back to this council.”
England: “Let me check it out and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have an answer.”

December 19, 2007 City Council Meeting
Councilwoman Terry Labruno: “I actually want an answer – Mr. Corea can you answer that question about the million dollars that was alluded to at the last – at the last council meeting, about a million dollars being missing from meters?”
Parking Utility Director John Corea: “Yes, uh, uh, I believe that was, uh, talking about the parking, uh, the meter collections. We did an internal audit once we heard that and our internal audit has been complete and it shows a difference of thirty-four dollars and sixty-one cents. It is now being audited by an outside firm to be confirmed, uh, but we don’t see a problem as of right now.”
Russo: “And for the record, uh, that was an error in my calculation, so – when I asked the question, it was actually an error in my calculations when I was doing my own due diligence when it came to the budget, uh, so it was just a question and we clarified it…I was wrong.”
January 16, 2008 City Council Meeting
Hoboken Resident Maurice “Mo” Degenarro: “Is there a million dollars missing or isn’t there – was it a mistake – did they find it, or what? On the parking.”
Castellano: “Councilman Russo.”
Russo: “Thank you, Council President. Mo, the – the reason why I thought there was money missing was because I was going on past year’s, uh, anticipated revenues from the Parking Utility from the meters. Uh, it turned out that the meters did not generate as much money as they did in years past, so it was my mistake to think that that money was there when in fact it was not. That was the situation.”
Castellano: “It’s been cleared up.”

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