Amidst the damage…

Hoboken is emerging from the direct hit of Hurricane Sandy and with many stories of kindness, generosity and aid through the crisis. What’s more remarkable are the visitors who came to the Mile Square to help too.

Greg Lincoln and dozens of volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints distributed hundreds of food kits throughout the Hoboken Housing Authority.  Each kit feeds a family of four up to three days.

The hundreds of volunteers coming together were a powerful whirlwind mobilizing to aid others in the Mile Square, some pictured here heading back into City Hall for assignment after a Mayoral Press Conference.  

Order in the court!  Well it’s a different kind of order as the Hoboken army of volunteers completely took over.

In through the out door: while an army of volunteers awaited to unload trailers of MREs arriving, this group was
working on making deliveries from the other entrance of Hoboken High School on Friday night after the storm.

Makeshift confessional – Saints Peter and Paul Church was an anchor on Hudson Street providing respite, charging for devices and one of the key shelters for people after Hurricane Sandy.

The New Jersey National Guard operating from downtown Hoboken at City Hall played a big role in relief efforts.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s CNN interview requesting the support of the National Guard:

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