Alleged pay-to-play scheme goes full circle as Ravi Bhalla pays Brian Stack’s civic association


The late Friday blockbuster news showing a flow of tens of thousands of dollars from up the hill to Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s “employer,” a Morristown-based Republican law firm weaves ever tighter.

Fully $70,000 is seen flowing from Union City led by Mayor Brian Stack in legal contracts down the hill past Hoboken and to Ravi Bhalla’s second job.

In addition, Ravi Bhalla is seen kicking a $1,000 payment to Brian Stack’s civic association up the hill. That transaction is dated in late August, coming not long after Stack’s failed bid to take control of the Hudson County Democratic Party.

Bhalla and Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop were key players in the failed insurrection.

The original transaction is captured below on August 22, 2018.

In addition a PAC reportedly gave Bhalla a late 2018 gift of $750. That PAC is not Stronger Foundations. The $750 reported exceeds Hoboken’s pay-to-play limits where $500 is the maximum allowed.

Among the majority of the City Council voting to enshrine those limits into law in October 2011? Ravi Bhalla.

More to come as all Hoboken tries to obtain an explanation from the mayor’s office.

Talking Ed Note: Does any of this sound like something former mayor Dawn Zimmer would do?

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Update: No answer has been forthcoming from Ravi Bhalla after both the Friday HCV story and the Monday MSV story were put before him.

On another front, Peter Biancamano was interviewed the previous weekend and the battle over political messaging in Nixle alerts are both coming this week.

The claims that Peter Biancamano was never contacted by this website are 100% certified fabrications as MSV Premium members know from the release of the FBI issue where his interview among others was highlighted.

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