Alleged Election Assault at Church Towers!


A Kids First challenger working the BoE election today at 10 Church Towers is alleging she was assaulted by a man who allegedly ripped her phone out of her hands in a dispute over his electioneering at the polling site.

An email providing details by the alleged victim states the alleged assailant came in with (election) materials and was told he could not stay in the polling station.  (Electioneering with voting materials in a polling station is illegal.)  The man responded he “owned this polling place.”  The alleged victim followed the man out of the room and requested his name.

The man declined to provide his name and walked back inside the polling station and told the alleged victim, “This is war,” adding that she should just wait for the numbers out of this place (Church Towers) at 9:00 pm.

The following exchange allegedly occurred after the alleged victim took a picture of the man in question:

Man (alleged assailant):  “Who do you think you are?  Call the Governor.  You don’t even live in Hoboken.”

Woman (alleged victim):  “Yes I do and I’m a taxpayer.”

Man: “Bitch”

The man then allegedly walks over and allegedly grabbed the cell phone from the woman’s hands screaming, “You think you’re gonna take my picture, (and) I didn’t see that?  Bitch that’s how they do things.”

The woman demanded he return the phone and said she would not be intimidated.  The man left the scene on an elevator into Church Towers.

The alleged victim, a petite woman of about 5’4 and a Hoboken mother said no one helped her.

Photo of the alleged assailant:
Alleged assailant at 10 Church Towers.

A complaint is about to be filed at the Hoboken Police Department.  The challenger in question is a woman well known in Hoboken for her work in support of the Reform movement.

This story is breaking…

Update: The two people involved in the alleged incident are Carrie Phillips of upper Bloomfield St., 5’4″ weight approximately 125 pounds and Mike Holmes a Church Towers resident out on disability from the Board of Education, 5’10, weight approximately 300 pounds.

A police complaint is being filed by Ms. Phillips and it’s rumored that Michael Holmes will file counter charges of some kind.

Photo left: A picture taken earlier today at Church Towers allegedly of assailant Mike Holmes.

Talking Ed Note: Media requesting use of this alleged photo should contact

I guess this is war.

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