Alleged assassin intending to kill Donald Trump is Hoboken resident!


A man charged with attempting to grab a holstered gun of law enforcement allegedly with the intent to assassinate Donald Trump was arrested Saturday at the Republican candidate’s Las Vegas rally.

The alleged perp, Michael Steven Sandford holds a UK drivers license and reportedly came to the US and lived in Hoboken.

According to the federal criminal complaint, Sandford lived in the US for about a year and a half making Hoboken his home. He reportedly drove his black BMW to California before planning his trip to Las Vegas where he admitted he planned to kill Donald Trump.

Sandford, 20, has allegedly said he planned his assassination plot to murder Donald Trump a year ago.

Waiving his Miranda rights, the alleged assassin said he would have followed Trump and made another attempt at his Phoenix, Arizona rally if the opportunity to snag and shoot the presidential candidate didn’t present itself in Las Vegas.

Apparently the would be killer drove his 2007 Beamer from Hoboken to California as part of his assassination plan.

This story is breaking hard.

Alleged assassination perp Michael Steven Sandford being led away at the Las Vegas Trump rally on Saturday.

Talking Ed Note: The Washington Times posted its story on the alleged assassin and Hoboken resident just earlier:

They’ve been followed by the LA Times:

According to unconfirmed reports, Sandford is a UK national and illegal alien who overstayed a visa to the US. A public defender reportedly believes him mentally competent but that he was out of work and recently living in his BMW.

A federal magistrate on Monday ordered Sandford held without bail.

Correction: Sandford is 20 not 19. This story was updated to reflect his accurate age.

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