Ravi Bhalla push poll alert: are you more likely to vote for him because he saved the city hospital?


Another weekend and another political telephone poll, this one of the push poll variety on behalf of Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

Among the dazzling questions for those telephoned:

Are you more likely to vote for Ravi Bhalla because he saved the city hospital?

Are you more likely to vote for Ravi Bhalla because he’s a champion for civil rights?

Well, the push poll matches up well with the Bhalla for Mayor campaign literature which hit the streets within hours of Mayor Zimmer’s withdrawal from the November election and her endorsement of the eight year councilman last month.

A telephone push polls matches up a campaign message
Councilman Ravi Bhalla “saved the hospital.”

Another notable feature of the telephone push poll is the City Council President Jen Giattino who is missing in a question among the list of names to offer feedback but is later described as someone who will not stand up to President Trump, unlike Ravi Bhalla.

Imagine a phone call between Mayor Ravi Bhalla and federal officials on the $230 million dollar Rebuild by Design flood plan for Hoboken.
How would that go?
Talking Ed Note: Wait, I thought we needed elected officials in a non-partisan municipal election of 54,000 citizens in a state of 9,000,000 who will work with all elected officials at the county, state and federal level.
So a would be mayoral candidate in Ravi Bhalla apparently prefers his personal agenda to make war on President Trump and see eradicated any chance Hoboken be awarded almost a quarter of a billion dollars of federal monies in flood prevention funding, re: Rebuild by Design.
Is Councilman Bhalla running for the wrong office? If he wants to join say a Senator Booker to fight against President Trump, that’s the place to have those partisan battles. 
As for the hamlet of Hoboken; it will only hurt it. Sad.

The repeated campaign habit claiming you “saved the hospital,” – that won’t go over well among those in the nine member City Council who played a significant role in voting to save Hoboken University Medical Center. Nor will the members of the hospital board who were instrumental in coming up with the plan to save it be too pleased to see this campaign gimmick.

Oh and by the by, the fifth critical vote needed and executed to save the hospital in 2011 came courtesy of Councilwoman Jen Giattino. 

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