Albany woman on Beth Mason Civic League “charity” employee – Matt Calicchio, ‘I just wanted to warn everyone and women’


The Albany woman who made an earlier call for a petition against Mason Civic League employee Matt Calicchio is now saying she only hopes to share a warning for women and everyone… for safety.

Earlier Grafix Avenger detailed an account of a conversation where Matt Calicchio who works for the Beth Mason family makes some less than savory sexual requests for “a lot of cash.”

MSV originally broke the story that has received national and international attention on Monday after a clash between Matt Calicchio and WWE wrestler CM Punk brought TSA and police to the area of the clash at the St. Louis airport Monday night.

Ashley Myers doesn’t identify which Hoboken reporters contacted her but MSV will confess to being one.  Da Horsey is pretty confident Grafix Avenger may be another who reached out but we’re equally confident nothing came from the Hudson Reporter, the Jersey Journal or Hoboken Patch.

It’s not like this is about a council member getting a traffic ticket.  That’s what they call news.

Matt Calicchio’s Facebook page was yanked into the internet ether yesterday.  So all the photos of him with WWE wrestlers is gone with it.

Meanwhile another person has tweeted Da Horsey some information claiming the use of credit cards so Matt Calicchio can attend to his WWE fix taking trips around the country alleging:

Talking Ed Note: The joke in Hoboken is when someone connected to Reform sneezes the local media will report it when they forget to cover their mouth but when the Old Guard is caught redhanded in less than unseemly and possibly very illegal things, only the FBI making an arrest can force them to act and even then you may not get a picture of the guilty in the story.

Hey Da Horsey offered the editor one but the Hudson Reporter didn’t want to offend their pals/advertisers.

As for Ashley Myers, you can’t blame her for not wanting to be a bigger, possibly national story in some ugly offers for sexual services in return for money rethinking her earlier call of a petition.  She clearly read the stories here and commenters.

Is this the end of the story or are there other victims?

Has anyone seen Beth Mason or is she still in hiding ripping down the wallpaper with her fingernails?  Does she get to pretend nothing is going on (again) as the local media contacts her only to discuss advertising rates?

Corruption is as corruption does.  Are you folks in Newark getting all this?

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