Ahoy Swabee! Historic ferry ports in Hoboken

Living on a houseboat can have its pluses.  For one there’s no property taxes and after last week’s visit from Gov. Christie, there’s been plenty of attention on that front but add some rich local history and it’s a twist available this weekend for those who pay a visit.

Hoboken residents caught a glimpse of that life style over the weekend via tours of The Yankee ferry owned by Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs. The artists are giving tours of their home on The Shipyard river front (12th street) over the weekend to raise money for the restoration of the historic boat.  The hundred year old ferry is the last remaining boat that carried immigrants to and from Ellis Island. In her long history she was also a luxury ship and served as a transport during World War II. On the inside the boat is colorfully decorated and much of the art is of Victoria and Richard’s own design.

Further the MacKenzie-Childs are also raising funds for the ‘Polk-Dot’ garden which is growing corn, heirloom tomatoes, and squash. Victoria wants a strip of green to break up the otherwise concrete water front. The couple intends to make the produce available to contributors and the public. Their ambition is to use the raised funds to support an irrigation system and extend the garden down the entire length of the pier.

It’s worth a visit to explore living on a house boat, local art, and learn more about local history through the life of the vessel.

The Yankee is open today, Sunday, again from noon ’til 9pm.

Story and photos by Davidd

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