Advocate of Hoboken explains why voting for Phil Cohen on June 3rd is important

Vote for Phil Cohen on June 3rd for County Freeholder.  Your taxes and property value depend on it!
Hi all, 

Did you know that your Hudson County Taxes are greater than your Hoboken taxes? Election June 3rd. Please vote.

Your property taxes are based on your assessed value.  Assessed value is a function of the property value.  Hoboken just had a city-wide revaluation that took effect in Hoboken so that the assessed values are based on the property values as of January 2014.  Hoboken enjoyed the lion’s share of the real estate rebound since the crash in 2008.  Our neighbors in other Hudson County towns did enjoy increases in value but relatively less.  What does this mean for you?  The double whammy.

The County budget goes up, everyone’s property taxes go up.  Hoboken’s real estate appreciated at a higher rate than surrounding towns, we get to pay a bigger portion of that bigger budget.

The county budget and taxes have risen by 30% in the last 5 years.  Hoboken, Jersey City have had to tighten their belts, cut out waste on the municipal level in the last 5 years given what happened to the economy.  In the meantime, the county budget has gone unchecked.

Phil Cohen is running for county freeholder.  A reformist who wants to audit the county budget.  He is supported and endorsed by Mayor Zimmer, Mayor Steve Fulop of Jersey City, Senator Cory Booker.  These folks represent good, transparent government where taxes are spent on public works not patronage jobs.

We need this audit.  I believe that if Phil gets in, we’ll get the audit and find out what has been inflating our county taxes – graft, patronage jobs, unchecked waste.  This is important to you as property owners, people who want to buy property and as Tenants.

When property taxes go up, values go down.  Back in 2010, I saw an alarming trend where folks who wanted to move to Hudson County opted for Brooklyn and Queens specifically because they couldn’t see paying all that money in tax.  You pay more for real estate in Brooklyn and Queens but the taxes are relatively lower.  People felt that at least when they sold they would get the purchase price back.  Taxes you can’t recover.  Mayor Zimmer brought the municipal taxes down, the Board of Ed has been flat since 2008 up until this year.  Let’s not allow taxes to go that untenable level where buyers prefer the outer boroughs to Hoboken and downtown JC.

Hoboken pays a disproportionally high share of county taxes yet we get very little for it.  If you don’t vote, don’t complain when you taxes go up and your property value goes down.  If you are a Tenant, your Landlord can pass property tax increases on to you.

Vote on June 3rd.  Vote for Phil Cohen.  

The Corruptocrats are out in force in the projects “hiring” low income housing residents to work on their campaign (as long as they hand in their absentee ballot).  Don’t let them win by not showing up.

The election is June 3rd please vote.  Vote for Phil Cohen.

If you haven’t registered or you know someone new to town, here is the voter registration form:

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