ACORN fraud in NJ?

Reports of absentee ballots being taken and filled out are already coming in from Newark. In addition the SEIU union is being mentioned as accepting ACORN “workers” to come to New Jersey and be involved in the election in New Jersey today. The report comes from Andrew Breibart’s site, Big Government. The site was instrumental in publicizing the undercover videos of two videographer investigators leading to funding (at least temporarily) stopping for ACORN.

In addition the website is now raising alarms, “There are reports out of Camden, New Jersey that voters are discovering that absentee ballots have already been submitted under their name. They did not authorize these ballots. Early reports suggested that the number of absentee ballots ‘requested’ in Camden city is higher than in any previous election. This will no doubt spark confusion on election day.”

Gangmembers are reported to have been involved in voter intimidation according to a citizen report now online. The group collecting the citizen videos is Election Journal described on their website as an online community dedicated to raising public awareness of vote fraud and election irregularities. Jake Tapper of ABC News called Election Journal “an organic melange of media, citizenry, community and watchdog.”

The group invites citizen participation. “If you would like to volunteer to help maintain the integrity of the democratic process, please send an email to You can use this same email to report any voting irregularities you witness on Tuesday. Also, please send in any of your own documentary video of problems at polling places.”

Sounds good to us. Check with Election Journal through the course of the day for New Jersey citizen action on protecting the integrity of your vote.

The Wall St. Journal has also posted a story citing similar concerns and examples of concern regarding ACORN coming in from both New York and Pennsylvania.

It’s been already confirmed robocalls on behalf of Chris Daggett were being made by a Democrat Party organization to Somerset County as reported in

Hopefully Hoboken will not have any fraud factor in this election.  And perhaps, it will extend to the results in the statewide election as well.

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