A tale of election integrity and Nancy Pincus fabrications

The challenger credential in yesterday’s
Hoboken election where MSV worked in
both the 4-4 and 3-1 from 6:00 am until
the polls closed at 8:00 last night.

Yesterday, a journey began on election day in the early hours to prepare to enter the belly of the beast as an election challenger. That path began in the infamous fourth ward district of the 4-4. Later certified credentials would be presented at the 3-1 working there at 220 Adams until the polls closed.

It was in the 3-1 where a major election violation was uncovered involving the Russo Syndicate. When word got back to the Hudson County Board of Elections, an effort to take vengeance followed. Nancy Pincus was the tool of the Russo vengeance.

With the “major violation” reported up the chain to the Hudson County Board of Elections and their public response at 220 Adams, a photo in the lobby area was taken and passed to Nancy Pincus of Sybil’s Cave. She then took the photo and heaped on the lies without talking to anyone making up false and defamatory accusations of “loitering inside 4th ward polling location (220 Adams) allegedly asking voters to vote for Jen Giattino!!!” Nancy Pincus’ allegations are completely false and defamatory. In recent days she also made an earlier criminal accusation of perjury. She calls this her “work” for Hoboken.

Nancy Pincus is seen here as previously proven, a fanatical liar for Ravi Bhalla. She lost all sense of decency when Reform was detonated at the June press conference at City Hall and a back room deal was hatched before the public as Mayor Zimmer withdrew from the mayoral election and simultaneously announced her endorsement of Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

Nancy Pincus dumpster dove with the Russo Clan and couldn’t care a shred about a fact or the truth.

Nancy Pincus at the Stevens mayoral forum performing her Bonkers for Bhalla effort.
There’s no lie she won’t stoop to in her fanatical support.
She’s gone right into the gutter with the Russo Clan making another false and defamatory attack about certified and approved challenger work yesterday.
Hey Nancy, got a shred of ethics?

Talking Ed Note: More to come on the story of a major election violation during the vote yesterday.
In all fairness, MSV must thank Councilman Mike Russo for the pizza to the poll workers yesterday.
Thank you Mike. But the truth is the truth and it’s going to be reported.

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