A Republic if you can keep it

A cabal of City Hall insiders, paid political operatives and their insipid little group continue their demands to control everything surrounding local governance. Their latest is attempting to stop a voter referendum to bring back runoff elections this November.

They’re suffering fear and trepidation if Mayor Ravi Bhalla doesn’t find an exit ramp for higher office, he may face a runoff election in four years – and lose!

Quick, stop the Hoboken voters before they inflict their will against our agenda!

Ravi Bots are going online telling anyone who
will listen democratic elections are bad.
They don’t want Hoboken voters deciding about runoff elections.

From the “mandate” of an election garnering less than 33% of the vote, these Ravi Bots are crying buckets they must control every aspect of local government.

They explode in salty tears at the prospect the Hoboken electorate may vote on a referendum to have runoff elections again after five years. The City Council will easily (and quickly) vote a third time to let the Hoboken electorate choose.

Wait, didn’t you hear? If Ravi Bhalla faces a runoff election, he may lose. Aren’t you trembling at the prospect? What, are you in league with the ever-dwindling Old Guard?  Are you evil? Obey us! Or we’re going to call you racist and insult you a lot, anonymously of course.

The Hoboken City Council action on the runoff referendum after former Mayor Dawn Zimmer and current mayor Ravi Bhalla’s successive vetoes is not in doubt. The City Council will for a third time to overwhelmingly approve a November referendum where the Hoboken voters will decide to bring back runoff elections or not. Council efforts to convert this to an instant runoff should be aggressively pursued. The most democratic outcome with runoffs is one where cost is not more prohibitive to candidate participation.

Ravi Bots online are trying talking points about voter fraud being a dire threat if runoff elections return. The City Council isn’t buying it and the latest gambit to keep Hoboken voters from deciding the matter this November will fail a third time.

Can we expect a Ravi “terrorism flyer” to show up next? It worked so well last time.

While most of Hoboken is focused elsewhere with January winding down, the Ravi Bots are losing their minds as they know the ordinance for a referendum to let Hoboken voters choose on runoff elections is inevitable.


Talking Ed Note: MSV continues to endorse exploring the instant runoff election option which may not be as impermissible as some would have you believe. The Hoboken City Council should pursue it aggressively after this referendum ordinance passes a third time. A bill for instant runoffs has been introduced in the NJ Assembly.

MSV continues to support good governance and the Reform principles of open government and transparency. Although Reform was detonated, not everything should be destroyed with it.

Nationally, big things are afoot. When you hear the inevitable howling later this week, note who stands with the Constitution backing the rule of law and who stands for a totalitarian police state.

There will be a notable difference and you’ll not hear that from the collective narrative presented by the MSM. Like who’s backing real Statsi, Nazis, Soviet Bolsheviks and anti-American globalists but run around calling everyone else Nazis.

Hey, it’s almost showtime. As Benjamin Franklin once quipped in response to a question about what type of government would this new nation be, “A Republic if you can keep it.”

#TheStorm  #TheSecondAmericanRevolution

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