901 Bloomfield documents show no option available to stop the construction by the owner


There’s been obfuscation, misinformation and outright fabrication about the status of 901 Bloomfield.

The pedigree of misrepresentations are continuing after the toothless resolution put forward by Councilman Mike DeFusco failed last Wednesday. In a Facebook video, DeFusco insists the resolution would encourage putting tools on the table including eminent domain but the City and other council members negated such an option.

There’s only one problem. There’s no such viable option.

Back in December, the 901 Bloomfield owner categorically rejected any additional overtures electing to move ahead with construction now underway while retaining the character of the exterior of the existing structure.

It’s the best the community can hope for under the circumstances. An eminent domain action on the up-zoned residential space would likely cost well into eight figures and there’s no viable financing or grants available to persuade the owner to change his mind.

In the face of spinning, claims of “corrections” to the earlier MSV story and outright fabrications, here are the actual related documents presented without edits, spin or personal attacks.

The letter dated, December 16, 2016 shows there’s no deal to be had and the construction at 901 Bloomfield is proceeding. The attorney for the owner while expressing appreciation for the City’s efforts notes there’s no tradeoff on lower Willow viable and that the required economic option to add 40 feet there in any swap is not desirable. The letter continues to state “construction at 901 Bloomfield will commence without delay.”

The desperate desire to gain political traction for the pending mayoral candidacy of Councilman Mike DeFusco is creating a whirling dervish of tops spinning to save face. They’ll have to spin that much harder in the interim.

The truth can speak for itself.

Talking Ed Note: So in the face of the actual documentation on 901 Bloomfield, go ahead and alternative fact, spin away Team DeFusco.

And good luck with that.

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