60,000 emails dangling in the wind @ Hoboken City Council @ 7:00?

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 The City Council meets tonight and on the agenda are the big items Mayor Zimmer highlighted in her letter on park resiliency and the much needed Washington Street overhaul project.

Of great intrigue though is what may come up about the 60,000 emails handed over at the Malibu Diner to a reporter of the Hudson Reporter during a critical phase of the Hoboken University Medical Center sale in the fall of 2011.

How did Beth Mason’s “business partner” James Barracato get his hands on tens of thousands of sensitive documents not in the public domain and did the Hudson Reporter know they had obtained illicit information?

If the public doesn’t raise the issue will a demure city council let Beth Mason just slide? Again?
Without accountability there’s no transparency!

Here’s tonight’s agenda:

Pt. 2 of the longer than usual meeting is here:

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